Catching the Keisei bus from Narita to Sagamiono

If you are reading this, hopefully that means you are coming to visit us – exciting! (Or maybe you found this page on Google and are going to visit someone else, in which case, they’re probably excited too!). Narita Airport is pretty far from where we live. The easiest way to get to us is via a bus operated by a company called Keisei. It’s easy, comfortable, and cheaper than the tolls. You can take trains if you want, but you’ll need to transfer at least three times, which can be really stressful especially during busy times with any bags.

The bus takes between 2 and 4+ hours depending on traffic. It’s comfortable, the seats are good, and there’s a bathroom. You’ll either go right through downtown Tokyo or cross a bridge south of Tokyo into Yokohama depending on traffic. Either way, there’s plenty to see. Get a window seat on the right side of the bus to get a great via of the Yokohama skyline if you end up going that way (either side will give you great views if you go through Tokyo).

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. The bus goes about every hour. Here’s a timetable of when the bus leaves.
  2. Buy your ticket as soon as you get out of customs to make sure you get a spot. Get a ticket to “Sagamiono Station” (not Sagamiono Parking Lot unless we tell you otherwise). If you will take the bus back to airport at the end of your trip, you can buy a round-trip ticket and save a few ¥¥¥. Speaking of which, you’ll need some yen. There are ATMs in the airport that will hook you up if needed.
  3. If you have lots of time before your bus, you can head upstairs. There’s a food court, a Starbucks, and some stores. If you go one more level up, there’s a big roof deck that looks out on the planes.
  4. Go outside a few minutes before your bus is scheduled to go. Things are ON TIME here and the bus will leave without you if you are 2 seconds late.
  5. Get on the bus, relax, and don’t stress if there’s traffic (there will be).
  6. Text or call us when they announce they are soon arriving at Sagamiono Station.
  7. We’ll come pick you up at the station! The car loop is one in from the bus loop, so stay put when you get off the bus and we will find you.

When in doubt…

Narita is hands down the friendliest and most helpful airport I’ve ever been to (if you are coming in from LAX, you will have been to both extremes in one trip!). The staff there is ridiculously happy to help – just ask anyone about anything and they will jump at the chance to help (directions to bathrooms, ATMs, help pushing a stroller – I’m not kidding about that last one).

Here are some photos to help.

Here's the location of the Keisei bus counter.

Here’s the location of the Keisei bus counter.


This is where you exit customs. Make a u-turn when you come out and you’ll see the bus counter.


These are some happy people on the bus (don’t tell them I took the choice window seat on the right side!).

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  1. jennie Reply

    happy late birthday to the little ones! We miss them here!

    • aaron Reply

      Thank you Jennie!

  2. Dave Reply

    This and the Temple post make me want to bring the fam.

    • aaron Reply

      You should! The things I haven’t had time to post are even more amazing…

  3. Kim Reply

    Nice photos, will be shaing your info for my friend coming in Aug.